“Every singer dreams of being accepted and applauded by his audience”  (Dimash)

Songs in the order performed by Dimash in ‘The Singer’ 2017:
  1. ‘SOS D’un Terrien en Detresse’ (French)          
  2. ‘Opera 2’ (Russian)
  3. ‘The Show Must Go On’ (English)
  4. ‘Late Autumn’ (Mandarin)
  5. ‘Uptown Funk’ (English)
  6. ‘Adagio’ (English)
  7. ‘Daididau’ (Kazakh)
  8. ‘Daybreak’ (Mandarin)
  9. ‘All by Myself’ (English)
  10. ‘Unforgettable Day’ (Kazakh/Mandarin)
  11. Ultimate Breakout Round – Dimash has a pass to the final
  12. ‘Confessa & The Diva Dance’ (Italian)
  13. ‘A Tribute to Michael Jackson’ (English)          *duet with Laure Shang
  14. Gala: ‘Give me Love’                (Kazakh)

Dimash’s results on ‘Singer 2017’:

Episode 1         =            1st place

Episode 2         =            1st place             1st Round Overall         = 1st

Episode 3         =            3rd place

Episode 4         =            3rd place            2nd Round Overall        = 2nd

Episode 5         =            6th place

Episode 6         =            1st place             3rd Round Overall        = 2nd

Episode 7         =            3rd place

Episode 8         =            5th place            4th Round Overall        = 5th

Episode 9         =            2nd place

Episode 10      =            3rd place            5th Round Overall        = 1st

Episode 11      =            Breakout

Semi-final        =            2nd

Final                   =          2nd                        Overall = 2nd Place                 

During the months of the contest, Dimash:
  • Sang in 6 different languages including several in Chinese which pleased his audience (with 4 of the languages he learnt the lyrics phonetically).
  • Covered songs from different genres – pop, rock, opera and ballad.
  • Featured individual orchestral instruments in his songs – eg flute, harp, electric and acoustic guitar as well as those he played himself – piano, dombra and drums.
  • Ensured each round was different – ‘style’ (clothes, hair etc), lighting, musical arrangement, stage presence and performance. Together, with his vocals, this enhanced each song to make it unique. ‘You don’t know what to expect. Every song is so different’
  • Chose over half of his songs with very moving ‘back stories’. These stories come through his performances even though sung in languages not understood by his audience.
  • Became known not only as ‘Imported Little Big Brother’ but also ‘The Wings of Kazakhstan’ as he so often talks about his country.
  • In Asia and increasingly around the world, via social media, his fan base increased/increases rapidly. Early on, he referred to his fans as ‘Dears’ saying: ‘A “dear” is someone who is close to your heart and my fans are close to mine’.

The winner of the competition was Sandy Lam, a popular veteran singer from Hong Kong with over 30 years experience. Although he was placed 2nd, it was agreed that he raised the level of competition for both singing and performance.

‘I am already a winner. Since ‘Singer’ started, I have gained a lot of fans in China and many parts of the world. This is beyond my wildest dreams. My fans and their love have made me a winner…they do not let my feet touch the ground. My career has taken off because of this competition so I am truly glad and happy’.