“Moving forward, with your love and encouragement, I believe that together we will reach even higher peaks”  (Dimash)


Although his fans become concerned for Dimash, his support is excellent.

His father, Kanat, gave up his full-time work and put his musical career with Sveta ‘on hold’ as a result of the ‘Singer’ impact on Dimash’s life. He is fulfilling the promise that he made to Dimash that ‘we will support you’ following the “Opera 2’ performance. Kanat is now Director of Dimash’s team and works tirelessly for him and is quietly doing an amazing job. Dimash’s whole family love and support him and are fully behind all that he does and they ‘take care of him’ and ‘watch his back’ with his ‘Mama and Papa’ at the heart of this.

‘They are always supportive of me. They always trust me. If I do something wrong due to my youth, they treat it with understanding. They are always on my side. I am a totally happy person’.   (Dimash)



Lukpan and Aigan Zholdasova (Mentors/respected musicians and Dimash’s Godparents) are vital in the support that they give to both Dimash and his family and are clearly constant, ever present advisers and valued friends.


There is also a group of close friends quietly in the background who help Dimash relax, have fun and are 100% supportive of him and he values this greatly.


We are equally aware of how much Dimash appreciates the support that he receives from his musical mentors Maira Mukhamedkyzy and Marat Aitimov and from his University Rector, Aiman Musakhodzhay and his other professors/teachers.

Dimash is in regular contact with these people even when he is away so he has a solid foundation of support, advice, guidance and care.

Future – what’s next?


‘Kazakhs do not like to talk about future plans as only Allah knows’


So what do we know from all that we have learnt about Dimash?

  • The ‘D-Dynasty’ World Tour has begun and will continue.
  • Dimash will promote and represent Kazakhstan at every opportunity.
  • Education is important to Dimash so he will finish his degree and may even continue with his studies.
  • He will continue to have singing lessons and nurture both his vocal and musical skills as his voice matures and develops.
  • Dimash’s hugely anticipated first album will be released.
  • He takes responsibility for being a positive ‘role model’ so he will nurture and encourage young people to develop their skills and gifts.
  • He will continue to learn from Kazakhstan’s musical elite but he will now have the opportunity to learn from the most eminent and respected musicians and producers from around the world.
  • Dimash is an innovator so will experiment with his voice, try new arrangements, introduce different cultural elements to his songs, etc. It is unlikely that any song, performance, concert or album will ever be the same.
  • He will fulfil his contract and commitments in China and will return there often as it holds a special place in his heart.
  • Although Dimash is popular in China and Asia he has yet to be recognised in the western world. This will not be easy, will be a ‘steep learning curve’ and will take time. It will mean a lot of hard work to ‘break through’ in Europe and the USA but for Dimash it is a dream so it will be interesting to see how he achieves this.
  • His heart is embedded in his family and the Kazakh culture that he has grown up in. Dimash will return regularly to where he has learnt his core values and will spend time with those he loves and who love him.