“The most unbelievable voice in the world”  (Emre Yucelen)

Reactions to Dimash’s singing

The most common reactions:


‘Out of this world’


‘Wow, Wow, Wow’

‘I have never heard a voice like this before’

‘Not human’

‘I am speechless’

‘I have goosebumps!’

‘He is an alien’

‘His voice changes like a chameleon’

‘He is an angel’

‘His voice really touches my heart’

‘I am crying’

‘If angels could sing, they would sound like Dimash’

‘The best voice in the world’


From the Professionals:

‘Oh my God! He has a natural gift, the same as Daniel. Daniel sang the same way, with his whole body. Of course, he is a different singer and it’s a different story but this is a very strong performance. He has the same musicality; he fills the words with meaning and puts his heart and soul into the performance. He is very young but this is a performance of a very mature man. He has an incredible talent’.    (The late Daniel Balavoine’s sister – original singer of ‘SOS’.)

‘Adagio travels across continents. Congratulations to Dimash Kudaibergen performing at the Chinese TV competition ‘I am a Singer’.   (Lara Fabian – original singer of Adagio)

‘A beautiful face, a wonderful voice and perfect skill’.   (Terry Lin – fellow contestant & veteran singer from Taiwan)

‘The most beautiful voice in the world’.   (Flavien Compagnon – French Composer)

‘Dimash’s voice is a gift from heaven. We human beings can’t catch up with him no matter how hard we work …no one can compare with him. Dimash is so amazing!’   (Tan Yizhe – Chinese Music Producer)

‘This is an honour for me Kazakhstan! My most favourite artist/vocalist of my whole life …is in my car right now! I’m stunned!’ ‘He’s extraordinary’.   (Walter Afanaseiff – Grammy award winning musician, song-writer, record producer, composer who has worked with Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Whitney Houston & many others).


Voice and Vocals

Dimash’s voice and vocal abilities are rare, exceptionally rare.

Dimash shies away from talking about his vocal range by saying ‘it is not important’. Wikipedia says that his range is F2 – D8 and YouTube says that his range is A2 – D8. The ‘whistle’ register is C6 and above so whatever his range is, it’s around 6 octaves and goes off the top end of an 88 key piano!

What is significant is that he has ‘pure’ baritone, tenor and soprano tones of 4.5 octaves (he does not need to use ‘falsetto’) and he can transition through these easily and flawlessly. This makes his songs appear to have multiple voice characters – eg in his higher range he genuinely sounds like a female soprano and in his lower range a male baritone or tenor. So in any given song, he can leap up and down two/three octaves, soar to the highest notes and descend again to the low ranges.

‘This type of voice is rare. It’s four and a half octaves bestowed on him. It does not happen very often in nature… we must appreciate it as a gift’.   (Yeskendir Khasangaliyev – National Artist of Kazakhstan)

‘With a range of four and a half octaves Dimash amazes everyone; and in the whole world, we can count these people on one hand’.   (Aiman Musakhodzhay – Rector of Kazakh University of Arts)          

But with Dimash, it is not just about his vocal range and techniques. As someone commented on the Reddit web-site:

‘What truly makes a singer ‘good’ or even ‘great’ isn’t always in the technical expertise, but in the actual sound of that voice, the embracing of a lyrical story, a certain phrasing within those musical sentiments of a song, and then what they can do vocally to transfer and transport a listener to that intangible part of the human heart/spirit. Some people can open their mouths, and instantly, the God-given sound they make enraptures you. It is a kind of audio/sonic sorcery that can deliver goosebumps, or smiles of remembrance, or even tears’.

Dimash seems to have a deep emotional understanding of the songs that he sings and he is able to express this by singing in a way that his audience fully connects with.

‘Last year, when we celebrated my 70th anniversary by organising a concert, Dimash told me he would like to perform the song I composed called “Karagym-au”… I did not know how to react. I couldn’t say “no” to such a young talent … I asked that he let me listen to his version before the concert … after listening to it … I hugged him and expressed my biggest thanks … the song is not only about love but carries a deeper meaning and I was doubtful whether such a young singer could bring it to people’s hearts as intended… in spite of his age, I was astounded that he did perceive this song’.   (Kenes Duysekeev – Honoured Worker of Kazakhstan)

‘He is unique and unprecedented … he has a huge stage presence. He is not just singing, he is telling a story … it is so emotional and conveys the song perfectly … it is beautiful and the range is amazing.  We can easily say that Dimash Kudaibergen is the most unique, the most incredible, the most unbelievable voice in the world, unlike anything we have heard. Yes, we can say that’.                           (Emre Yucelen – Turkish Vocal Coach)

‘Dimash’s vocal technique is incredibly agile where he leaps and does vocal jumps with ease as heard in so many of his songs like SOS and the aria Diva Dance from the movie 5th Element. He can delve deep and produce a pure baritone or scale the range and timbre of a soprano effortlessly. Some of the vocal colours I notice and am impressed with are his ability to produce melodies with a silvery tone where it seems to float effortlessly up and down and then suddenly transition into a more strident and impassioned plea. He does it tastefully, not merely to show off. Dimash is a musician first and a singer second. That is why he is able to show off his skills so effectively. His vocal technique serves the music.’   (Sherwin Thia – First Violinist in the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra)