“A ‘Dear’ is someone who is close to your heart and my fans are close to mine”  (Dimash)

During the series of the ‘Singer’, despite ‘YouTube’ strikes whilst the show was on, Dimash’s performances slowly filtered to other parts of the world and his fan base increased/increases to add to the phenomenal support he has gained in China. They took their cue from him and call themselves ‘Dears’ and there are now fan clubs in most parts of the world.

This is what Dimash says about them:

‘I never imagined having the love and support from a worldwide audience. I am shocked and wonder if this is all a dream’

‘My feelings towards my Dears, my gratitude toward them, I can only express through my singing’

‘I am not a star. Stars are in the sky. I am just like any other representative of his profession: like teachers, doctors and others. Singing is my way to say that I love Dears’

‘Dears, thank you very much for your support. My achievements to date are only possible thanks to your encouragement and confidence in me. I love you all’

‘I’m very touched that my Dears are always waiting for me … they support me selflessly no matter where I am. This makes me incredibly happy. If it’s possible I’d like to get to know all my fans. Whenever I meet them, even for just a short time, I can feel their love and kindness towards me… you are my angels’

Fan clubs are anticipated when you have a young, good looking and talented singer but what is extraordinary about Dimash’s fan base are the demographics. Not only is he appealing to peoples’ from differing countries, cultures and religions but he is capturing support from the very young to those in their 80’s and 90’s, all with vastly differing backgrounds in their musical preferences.

The other extraordinary thing is the support that they give not only to Dimash but also to his family and to each other. They have taken on his family as their own and will do everything to honour and respect them. This is equally true of how they are with each other. Of course, there are cultural misunderstandings but these are discussed and understanding is reached in an inclusive and educational way. Genuine friendships are forming across the world and they do an amazing amount to support each other – translations, answering questions, sharing artwork & other creative works, sharing ‘links’ to performances (including ‘live’ ones, not straightforward from China!), facilitating concert/accommodation information, meeting up, sharing personal stories and caring for each other etc. The unspoken agreement seems to be: what would Dimash and his family want, would we mind if they read what is being said. The ‘Dears’ are hard working, friendly, caring, fun and respectful. The fans love his unique singing and musical abilities but it appears that his gentle character and the values that he exudes are equally appealing and attractive.

It is also apparent that the ‘Dears’ now motivate Dimash to work even harder and sometimes he appears tired but they are an inspiration for him to give his best. This is what he says:

‘I’m doing what I love, so I don’t feel tired. I am so happy that through the Singer, I’ve gained many Chinese and foreign fans. It’s for them that I’ve been busy …I hope I won’t disappoint them’.   (Dimash)

‘When I see the audience, sincerely sharing with love, I try to respond to their emotions, so that they are not alone in their feelings. It gives me strength’.   (Dimash)

Dimash’s enthusiasm for singing is infectious and he loves to encourage and hear his ‘Dears’ sing too. This has meant that his songs are now learnt, in whatever language they are known in and are sung wherever Dimash appears – ‘Dears, you’!