Most of the information gained in this piece of work has been translated. I recognise the difficulty with translation as not everything can be truly captured as words/phrases and meanings are not the same in different languages and cultures. Also, the translations are: Kazakh to English, Kazakh to Chinese to English, Chinese to English etc and to add to this complexity, Kazakhstan currently has two forms of language and therefore spellings, Latin and Cyrillic.

I could never have written this or gone on this remarkable journey without the endless hard work of the ‘Dears’ in the English speaking fan groups (DKIFC & Dimash USA Fan Club and others) who work so tirelessly and patiently to translate for us all – ‘THANK YOU’. In particular I would like to thank Gloria Wu and Zhauhar-Daria Yersaiynk. 

Photographs and Images used:

Credit as watermark. Those not watermarked are: @Chaser-z; @huanhuan; @MianMian; @BS Short; Hunan TV ‘Singer 2017’; Kazakhstan Tourism and those released into the public domain by the Kudaibergen/Aibayev family. These lovely images I have used to help enhance my writing as I am presenting it in this format – thank you.

Special thanks:

I would like to thank: Alisa Kellogg, Robert A. Redmond and Patrice Grullion for their support and encouragement.

Sakuranotaki for her fantastic article ‘Can anyone identify another youngster with a voice more stunning than Kazakh singer Dimash Kudaibergen?’ (Quora) that has encouraged me so much in writing this and for her support.

To the ‘Dears’ around the World – thank you!


You are an inspiration to all those who have come to know you. I realise that you would almost certainly say, ‘the honour belongs to God, my family, my teachers and to all who have helped and supported me’ so I would like to pay tribute to them as well as to you – ‘THANK YOU’.


Khabar TV, ‘Flawless Diamond’ 2017

Dimash child interview for Local TV 2006

Slavic Bazaar Interview

Geography Kazakhstan

Silk Routes

The Great Famine of Kazakhstan

The Polygon Tests

Winter Universaide

Expo 2017

SINGER 2017   Hunan TV

The ‘Singer 2017’ shows are available on Youtube – Hunan TV has a lot of background information together with individual performances.

Competition & results

‘A Glimpse of Dimash’s glorious journey on the Singer’

Dimash Singer Performances – Hunan TV             

  1.   SOS D’un Terrien en Detresse            

  2.   Opera 2         

  3.   The Show Must Go On            

  4.   Late Autumn          

  5.   Uptown Funk

  6.   Adagio           

  7.   Daididau         

  8.   Daybreak        

  9.   All by Myself       

 10.  Unforgettable Day             

 12.   Confessa & The Diva Dance          

 13.   A Tribute to Michael Jackson           

 14.   Give me Love           

Interview with Alpamys Sharimov

Astana performance with Parents on return to Kazakhstan

Bastau Concert                  

Music and Dance in Kazakhstan – facts and entry-4654