“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything”  (Plato)

I have worked alongside thousands of young people during the forty years of my professional life and those who know me have often heard me say that during that time, I have met the most courageous, resilient and inspirational people and that my work has been a joy, a privilege and a truly humbling experience. Therefore, I guess it would surprise them if I said that I was writing about a young man who is beginning to stand alongside, if not, above them all!

I first came across Dimash quite by accident in February 2017 and have been following his journey through what can only be considered an extraordinary year. A year, that has seen a Kazakhstan 22 year-old student become an overnight sensation in China and central Asia and who has an ever increasing number of people supporting him from around the world (over 100 different countries as I write). Dimash has introduced millions to Kazakhstan, its’ traditions and culture and has single-handedly created a massive increase in tourism to his country. Schools and Universities in China are introducing new Kazakh language courses because of the demand created by him. He has performed for Presidents Xi Jinging (China), President Putin (Russia) and President Nazarbayev (Kazakhstan). He has had trains, buses, large screens in major cities and even a plane with his image on; he has won numerous awards and is hugely sought after for commercial endorsements and charitable events. Dimash has recorded the theme songs for two movies together with the theme music for two games. He has represented his country at the Cannes Film Festival, UNESCO in Paris and in Los Angeles at the ‘Spirit of the Great Steppe’. He has received a ‘Bata’ (blessing) from his own President and became Cultural Ambassador for the 25th anniversary of the ‘One Belt Road’ (Silk Routes) initiative with China and for ‘Astana Expo 2017’.

For me, however, it is how he has brought people from different nationalities, cultures, faiths and backgrounds together in an inclusive and respectful way that makes him truly unique for someone of his age.

How has one young man been able to achieve this in a year? Is it just his stage presence, performances, singing and good looks?